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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Complete Satisfaction

When I was a teacher in public schools, I thought nothing could ever top the elation I felt when I witnessed 23 of my students be successful on a state standardized test with a year's worth of information, skills and strategies they learned from ME!

I was wrong.

Jackson and I have been working on the parts of the face, specifically eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. I have been teaching them to him using my own face, then after bathtime when we have our "mirror time," I show them to him on his own face. Yesterday I asked "Where's Mama's nose?" and without hesitation he reached his chubby little fist forward and grabbed my nose!

I know what you're thinking...coincidence right? He was just reaching out wildly, but NO!! I excitedly repeated the question FIVE times, and five times he either grabbed my nose with his whole hand or used his pointer finger (which he likes to use when we read books) and pointed slowly and purposefully to my nose! Then I tried mouth, he did the mouth 3 times! Another facet to this truly amazing talent is that he also understands that I am asking him a question and expecting him to perform!

Do I have the most amazing, genius child ever or what?!?!

I was so giddy, I have been dancing around the house since yesterday!

Gotta go, I need to go work with my little sponge and see what else I can teach him before this weekend when we'll be with family and he can show off how SMART he is! ;)

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