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Monday, July 28, 2008

To All My Expert Mother Friends

Jackson has been teething - nothing new, but now he has begun testing out his teeth on cloth, toys, and PEOPLE! He sneaks up like he just wants to snuggle with me or Ben, and just when we think he is so sweet and cuddly, we feel a "biting" pain in our leg, thigh, chest, or foot!

Normally, I would just tell him "no, no" and maybe pop his mouth a little, but I hate to do that because I know he is just trying out his teeth and isn't doing it to hurt me! I need this problem to stop ASAP though because I will be caring for other children in less than a week! I don't want them going home with little 3-teeth bite marks on thier arms! That is bad for business! ;)

I have been advised to bite him back hard, but it seems so cruel, what do you think I should do?



Kathy said...

I think you should tell him no very firmly when he does it and just redirect him. Although Dr Godfrey says to flick them on the mouth when they bite, Jackson is very young so I am not sure I would do that. Your his mom & you should do what you think is right.

txmommy said...

don't bite him back. Do VERY firmly tell him no and flick his mouth. He has to learn some things right away whether he's just testing out his teeth or not.

I had a biter and it was hard and I had to be so firm that I felt mean but it really has to be done.

How exciting that you are starting next week!! Whoo HOO!!

Rachel said...

Every time he bites you have to stop what you are doing that instant and tell hinm NO, very firmly.

Haylee learned how to bite at her school and it was NOT fun. I would be firm and tel her no and flick her. She doesn't bite any more. But it wasn't any fun at all.