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Friday, April 3, 2009

Everything Always Works Out

This is becoming my personal mantra. Lately life has been hard, but we're getting through it. I know we have many months of hard times ahead, too, but again, we'll get through it. Right now Ben is hunting AGAIN for 4 days this time and I was stressed when I overheard him on the phone booking the trip with his dad. What? 4 days? You can't leave me for 4 days! But I moved some things around, booked Mrs. Olivia (LOVE, LOVE , LOVE her!!!) a little more this week, and I was able to get things done that I needed to. Plus, we've had some sickies stay home from school this week, so when I have had them on my own, my days have been a little easier. Then today Jackson woke up before 6 (rough on me since I'm not sleeping well right now) and so I got less than 5 hours of sleep (thanks to restless legs), BUT that also means he was sleepy early, so I got to put him down at 9:00 and had an uninterrupted group time and reading groups! That also means he'll be awake during nap time, but he'll go down for another nap this afternoon! So see, I guess everything always works out. Oh yeah, and Z., my early bird, stayed home today so I had no kids until 8:10, so I was able to lay back down on the couch while Jackson ate breakfast and watched Elmo. Nice! I think Heavenly Father is definitely hearing my prayers right now, and He is finding ways to give me breaks here and there.

Back to Ben - it is hard when he leaves, but I am very supportive because he is past burnout stage! He is having a very hard time staying focused and getting though these last few months of school AND getting ready for his major, major board exams in June which determine which residency he'll be able to get into (and where we'll live a few years from now). Plus, his school just decided to extend classes by a week for his group (2nd years), which will cut into the time they have designated for Kaplan to come and get the 2nd years ready for the board exams, so they have decided to compensate by making the students go to school a full day for every Saturday and Sunday in May!! Poor Ben! He gets NO DAYS OFF IN MAY! Kind of inconvenient since we had sort of planned to have a baby that month!

Keep us in your prayers! We're stressed!


Holly said...

I may know a little bit about what you are going through, I was way pregnant too when my husband was taking the board exams, but that is minus the pre-k which im sure accounts for a lot of your stress. But you are right everything will work out, if you need to talk or need a break from Jackson just give me a call

I have a good life said...

So glad to hear that it always works out. I think Heavenly Father is more involved than we give him credit for sometimes. I needed to read your post today. Thanks for sharing!

Shana said...

GRRRR!!! I hate when things don't go how WE want them too! You know?
That ALWAYS happens to Rob and I and we are like, "What did we do to deserve thisw crap!?"
But you are so right- because then things always work out for the best in the end for us. Pres Monson gave a talk on fining the joy within the journey of life.
I know I need to enjoy my life as it is right now a lot more. It is so hard not worry so much about what is next, or why can't I have it this way, or when will I have this? (I tend to do that sometimes)
Hang in there momma... I know you can get through it. You and Ben are STRONG people and that is partly why things don't come so easy to you. Because you can handle them and you become stronger for them. (At least that is what I've been told before) :)

Kirsten said...

Heavenly Father will only give you trials and tests he knows you can handle and pass....or that's what I've always been told:)
I know you'll get through it! You are WOMAN...HEAR YOU ROAR:)
Just think of what you've overcome in only these last 6/7 years that I've known you! THIS is nothing:) Hang in're in my prayers:)