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Friday, April 17, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful Man

I'm feeling a sudden burst of gratitude for my husband today. Jackson and I are both sick with allergies that have moved into our chest, causing congestion, coughing and sore throats. Jackson has the worst of it, and keeps rubbing his perpetually snotty nose in his eyes (gross!!!!), but I digress....

I am feeling blessed today because just listen to what a wonderful man I married: Today he got home from school early. Did that mean he lounged around doing nothing? Nope!

He took Jackson to the doctor appt I had planned on taking him to (Mrs. Olivia closes for me on Fridays now.), and dropped off Jack's prescriptions on the way home. Then he made dinner for us (his awesome monster omelets), went and picked up the prescriptions and some over-the-counter meds for me, and gave Jackson a bath. Guess what I did during that time? Took a nap and watched TV. I'm feeling a little guilty, especially cause the house is a wreck, and Jackson is so whiny and sick and hard to handle right now, and here I am beached on the couch for 2 hours, but oh, it feels so good to sit back and be lazy for once! AND I know he has so much studying to do with boards coming up in June, and that all he WANTS to do is what I am doing - rest his brain in front of the tube, but he stepped up today and picked up my slack!

I just love that Ben just sees what I need and does it. I'm gonna have to step up my game if I want to be as good a wife as he is a husband! What a great man I get to be married to for ETERNITY!! ;)

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