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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love Springtime units. They lend themselves to so much science education and the kids just love science! Science units are so much more hands-on than our other units.

This week we are learning about seeds. We discussed what seeds are, where we can find seeds, that we can eat some seeds, that seeds can be all different sizes and forms, how they grow, how they travel, what 3 things they need to grow, and the kids are working on a seed collection where they can win prizes for the largest seed, the smallest seed, the most unique seed, and the most seeds brought, due Friday.

We also started an experiment today where we planted seeds with water and soil, but varying degrees of sunlight. We made a prediction as to which seed will grow the most, and we will continue watching our seeds to see if we are correct. We also dissected lima beans to find the parts of a seed: seed coat, embryo, and food storage. Then we planted some flower seeds in mini-flower pots and are watering them every day. Hopefully, they will grow into beautiful flowers that we can give our mothers for Mothers' Day!

With this lovely weather we have been having and the excitement of the Spring units, we are just enjoying life here at the Blake household (although busy and tired, as usual)!

P.S. Today I am 33 weeks! If I get induced early, like I was with Jackson - 2 weeks, I only have 5 weeks left! But I am kinda hoping I don't get induced quite as early as I was with Jackson because BILC doesn't close until June 5, which means 2 weeks of paying Mrs. Olivia full-time pay...which I would LOVE, but not so good on the budget!

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