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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Madness

This is crazy! You'd think it was the Bubonic Plague or something. I understand people have died and it is serious, and believe me, I did my share of handwashing and supervising kids' handwashing and sanitizing toys and wiping down furniture, but the panic level is insane! Fort Worth ISD closed until May 11, and Eagle Mountain-Saginaw (my school district) has a special Board Meeting scheduled tonight. I am sure they are meeting to decide whether or not they should close, too. The CDC has issued a worldwide "Imminent Pandemic" alert level. I guess that means it is serious, so maybe the panic is warranted...

Update: EMS-ISD did not close schools, and are not planning to close schools unless they get a confirmed case of swine flu. This information comes from a parent of one of my preschoolers who is an EMS-ISD high school teacher. However, I still have three parents who are opting to keep their kids home until further notice.


Kirsten said...

I don't know, I think it's just ONE MORE THING that "they" want us to worry about when really..... no matter if they close schools or put up a panic alert, if you are going to get it by not washing your hands then you're going to get it BY ACCIDENT! I forget to wash my hands all day long.... I mean it's just CRAZY and I think it might another one of those things that let's American people worry about one more thing! You know!?! Just my opinion of course:) But hey, if they close the schools then maybe you should follow so if it is "real" then the new baby doesn't have a change of getting it from your house!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

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And Good luck with the Swine Flu. I was supposed to go away on an anniversary trip to Mexico TODAY and we cancelled. . . Church is cancelled for 2 weeks and all the Mormon missionaries are restricted to their homes in the area we were going.