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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Story #1:
Tonight we were eating dinner (hot ham and cheese sandwiches on a bolillo roll and chips - hey, it's Thursday, I'm tired and the bolillo rolls I bought for lunch were about to go bad.) I was saying, we were eating dinner and Jackson picked up one of these chips and said, "Issa Ti-ango!" (It's a Triangle) Smart kiddo! ;)

Story #2:
This weekend we went to my aunt Sara's house which is north of Frisco about an hour away. As I mentioned in a previous blog, the DVD player wasn't working, so we were talking to each other, singing songs and we were both pointing out things we saw outside. (Jackson likes to find "Amewican fwags (American flags)," "wadda towas" (water towers) and various animals. We frequently do this when we are just driving around town because I like to save the DVD player for longer trips so my child isn't ALWAYS watching TV and so it is a special treat when we are on long trips. I decided to add stop signs to our list of things to find, so I pointed some out and we talked about the color and the letters on the stop sign and I told him it was an octogon. The rest of the trip, he would see a stop sign and say "LOOK! Oc-go-gon, Mama."

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Kirsten said...

too cute! gotta love this step in their growth/age - I AM LOVING hearing B count by himself, say his ABC's (with help of course) and recognizing colors on different things. The other day I asked which shirt he wanted (not pointing out their color like I usually do) and he said "mmmm...GWAY", to which I paused and said...."which one, OMG, the gray one, OK :)". He hasn't "noticed" gray until that moment, lol. I love it!