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Monday, December 29, 2008

18 weeks on Wednesday - big news!

Over Christmas break we got to go up to the hospital and get a sneak-peek at the baby. Ben's mom is a labor and delivery nurse at St. Francis in Tulsa, so she did an ultrasound for us. The baby is looking healthy and strong and the biggest news is...IT'S A BOY! Yeah! I'm so excited. That is really what we were both hoping for.

Now I have 2 major tasks facing me. First, I have to come up with a whole new boy name. This will not be an easy feat since Ben and I could hardly agree on anything but Jackson. We had discussed Boston James but Ben was always lukewarm on that one, and several family members vetoed it while we were visiting in Tulsa. Now Ben is adamant that we cannot name our child Boston, so back to the drawing board. Right now we are leaning toward Samson Jay (Ben's best friend growing up and a truly awesome person and Jay is Ben's middle name) or Carson Jay. I like both, but can't imagine my child with that name. We really like -on endings in names, so if you can think of any, send them my way. It deosn't have to be spelled -on, we just like the sound with our last name.

The next major feat is getting another nursery ready. The new nursery will be in our guest room and Ben's office will become the office/guest room combo. Jackson's room is done in fire truck/dalmation and I have decided I want to do a pirate/sea theme in the new nursery. All Jackson's shabby-chic black baby furniture can go in there and Jack will get our guest room furniture and a new bunk bed in his room when he turns 2 in August. (I'm due in June and the baby will spend the first few months in our room anyway, so Jack can keep the crib for a few months.) Anyway, I have already moved the changing table dresser in the old guest room and started cleaning out Jack's closet and moving boxed up clothes and baby gear over to the new nursery. Yes, I have the nesting bug right now, but also, practically, this is the best time to get started. Once school starts back up in my house next week, I will have no time except weekends, and I won't get a break until Spring Break. I'll need to spend Spring Break painting, so...gotta get going on this!

With Jackson's nursery, my mom, aunt and grandmother came to help and we sewed all the bedding and matching window treatments, but I don't have that kind of time or the inclination, frankly, so I'm buying bedding and accessories this time. Here are some of the nurseries I am looking at for ideas. Tell me what you like!

P.S. I don't think I will buy any of these, but they give me ideas on what I can do with the room. Whatever I choose has to go with the black furniture because I am not re-painting it all over again. That took forever!! Plus, I am not crazy about the idea of skull and crossbones in the nursery, so I don't know yet how this will all work out. I am also not a pastels kind of person. Whatever I do has to be a little bolder.


Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

How exciting - I want you to have a girl some day so that you can experience it all! I love the ocean theme - I like the first set of bedding the best. I think the sea animals in bright colors is cute.

I have a good life said...

Very cute ideas! I am so excited for your little boy! Congratulations!

KC said...

Okay first off I LOVE the name Samson (don't know about the reason but whatever works lol)...I think it goes best with "Jackson" if you get what I mean, and you could call him sam or sammy...and you know how I am about picking names with built in nicknames! Second I LOVE the first theme....I think it would look the best and hey...WHY NOT buy it!?! It'll cut back on your "to do list", it would look good with black furniture which will make it bolder by itself-and if not there are plenty of shades of blues and greens you could work with, as well as red it looks like, AND there aren't any skulls! So there you go:) CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

Shana said...

It is much easier to have your 2nd child the same sex as your 1st.
I like the sail boat nursery idea. That was cute. I'm glad that you and baby are doing so well.

txmommy said...

yea!!! Congrats! Two boys will be sooooo cute together.

I like Samson, it's not common.

I also like the sea animals :)

Brittany Gillespie said...

Adon, Ashton, Benson, Braedon, Brendon, Brinton, Camdon, Cameron, Colton, Dalton, Dawson, Deagon, Dylon, Haydon, Harrison, Jason, Kaidon, Kamdon, Kingston, Landon, Mason, Paxton, Payton or Peyton, Preston, Talon, Trenton, Trevon, Triston!


I posted this same thing on the wrong place! Well here are a few names! Good Luck!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I Like Samson I also like Trenton and love Haydon