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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7:15 Word of Wisdom Conversation with a 4-yr-old

Z: (sees a can of Ginger Ale in our living room. Brings it to me accusingly.) What's this?
C: It's Ginger Ale. It's kind of like Sprite.
Z: It looks like beer.
C: Nope, it's Ginger Ale. Mr. Ben and I don't drink alcohol.
Z: My mom's grandpa is in jail cause he was drinking. (Didn't get he details, not my business anyway.)
C: I guess you learned what can happen if you drink, huh? Maybe you won't do that when you get older.
Z: Yeah, that wasn't a good choice. (This is my time-out vocabulary ;) I don't want to go to jail.
C: Drinking alcohol is not good for your body either.
Z: (thinks intently) Ironman doesn't drink. Superheroes don't drink, do they, Mrs. Colleen? (Z. is obsessed with superheroes.)
C: No, I don't think they do. They have to take good care of their bodies so they can be strong and fight the bad guys.
Z: Yeah, I'm not gonna do that when I grow up.
C: I think that is good choice.

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KC said...

LOL oh that we might all learn from our children!