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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Need help... you interested?

The week of December 15-19 my preschool group will be doing a Christmas Around the World unit. On Monday, each child will get a passport, board the Polar Express and visit a new country every day, learn about that country and how its inhabitants celebrate Christmas. On Friday the 19th, we're having our pajama Christmas party and gift exchange, we'll watch the movie Polar Express, and have hot chocolate. Here's where I need help...

I thought it would be more fun if new people came in each day to help me with the different countries. Interested parties would come dressed as the Christmas character or just as a person from that country, and give a few minutes explanation of how that country celebrates Christmas and assist me with a craft or activity that represents the country's holiday custom. I only need 2 more helpers, as I already have 2 volunteers.

Here are the countries I would like to present: Germany - Kriss Kringle, Holland - Sinter Klaas, France - Pere Noel, England - Father Christmas. We could also do Mexico - Las Posadas or Sweden - St. Lucia (I think) or I'm open to suggestions if you have a good idea. I can provide resources and for some countries, a craft or activity if you need help. I just think it would make it seem more like the kids were really traveling if it were someone new each day instead of just me.

You are welcome to bring your child (age 2.5 to 5) each day to experience each country and on the day you present. (If you come on Friday, though, you'll need to bring an age-appropriate wrapped book which costs less than $5 for the gift exchange. We won't be learning about a country on Friday as we'll be having our Christmas Party instead.)

I need to know ASAP if you have any questions or you're interested so I can get my plans finalized, and also if you'll be coming/bringing children to the Christmas PJ party on Friday so I can plan gift bags & snacks accordingly. Group time is from 9:00-9:30 every day, but you are also welcome to stay through snack time and outside play time which would be until 10:30.

I think this will be so much fun! Hope to hear back soon!

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Shana said...

OMG Colleen! That sounds so amazing! I wish I lived near you and I would totally come and help out. I can't wait to hear how it all went.