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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jackson at 15 months

This week we discovered to our surprise and delight that Jackson can now make the animal sounds we have been practicing with him. He can makes sounds for a duck, a cat, a dog, a cow, a rooster, and a bird. The other animal sounds don't come out very well. He can also count to 3, but he won't say 1, he'll only show it with his finger.

Now he will also show you where the following body parts are if you ask him: belly button, nose, eyes, hair, toes and mouth. He won't do his cheeks, for some reason he'll only play peek-a-boo when you ask him that one. I don't get the connection, but hey we are working on it! I am amazed at how quickly he has been learning. It seems like he learns something new every week!

How fast kids grow! I am glad to be having a new baby because I miss that phase! It went by way too quickly!! When I look at Jackson, my testimony is renewed that Heavenly Father is truly our father and our creator because I see His light in Jackson every day. Plus, I know Ben and I didn't make this incredible child on our own! He brings so much joy into our life on a regular basis. I'm so glad he chose to come to our family!

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