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Friday, January 9, 2009

19 Weeks

This gag reflex is too wierd. I go through the day feeling fine and then something little happens like Jack spits up a little milk and I go to clean it up and I'm suddenly running for the bathroom. Last night, Ben was browning deer burger and I had to go upstairs to avoid vomiting.

I am also so easily annoyed. Sorry if my posts seem negative right now. I truly am really happy, but I find myself biting Ben's head off for the littlest things and having less patience with things the kids do that normally don't bother me. (sigh) I just seem to be permanently cranky. Who wants to be around someone like that? My poor family.

I am so done with my ribs spreading. My ribs ache all the time, which makes me sit in funny positions to try to avoid it, which makes my back hurt. Good thing my husband knows how to adjust me or I'd be miserable already.

...and I'm officially in maternity pants. My jeans still fit me everywhere else surprisingly, but they dig into my belly and I'm uncomfortable. I just want to wear a mumu all day, but I don't have any, and I doubt that would look too professional for me to teach in every day.

I had my 4 week check-up on Tuesday, and again, eerything looks great. My weight is good, the baby's heart beat is very strong and fast, and he kicks me all the time - even Ben has felt it several times. I have a sono on the 20th. I guess we'll see if it is for sure a boy. I hope so since I got the Pirates Cove bedding I ordered this week.


KC said...

ok so now that it sounds like you're showing a little....WHERE"S MY PIC!?!?!?!?! Just email it to me like you did the last ones so you arent' all embarrassed or whatever.....idk why you'd get embarrassed at all but, I love yah anyway:)

Colleen said...

I haven't even taken any of my new belly. Isn't that sad? I will try to remember and send you one!