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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Enrichment Tonight

I was asked to speak in church enrichment tonight about how parents can make elementary school fun. It was hard for me because I don't have any kids that are school aged, and sometimes I can get a little too focused on my goals for the kids, and don't always do the fun activities. I don't always remember that these kids have lives outside of school, because by golly, they better have their homework and no excuses, lol. In the classroom, I always try to mix it up, and I try to always have a lighthearted yet encouraging attitude with my group, but making school fun wasn't always my objective as a 3rd grade TAKS teacher.

I decided to spin the topic a little and give tips on how parents can help their kids be more successful in school (thus helping kids enjoy school more). I think it went well. There was a lot of discussion which was great and helped me loosen up a little because I get so nervous when speaking to adults I can hardly stand and hold my notes. I probably got off on tangents and wasted some time and I ended up on point #7 or so when I had 10 points and a discussion group planned, but all in all, I feel like we had good conversation, I felt confident about what ideas I had to offer, and I'd like to think people left having learned some things from some of my experiences. If I have to speak about anything, I'm glad it was about something I feel comfortable with. My nightmare is having to teach Relief Society or something I feel completely unqualified to teach. (Note: I actually did get called to teach RS in a Denton ward once, and I cried every Sunday on the way home from church. It was a miserable experience. Thankfully, the Lord took pity on me and I was released in a month and sent to the Young Women's Presidency, haha.)

Anyway, whew! It's over!!

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Shana said...

Good for you! :)
I have been teaching RS for a year now in our ward. I was terrified of it at first, and to be real honest, I don't feel qualified to teach in their either. BUT- the Lord knows where I need to grow and this calling has helped me to do that. I HAVE to study more, and learn more so that I know what I'm talking about up there. I also learn so much from the wise ladies in our ward. I think they teach me a lot more than I teach them. But, we do have a lot of fun!