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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why, oh, why?

(sigh) Ben's birthday is on January 7th, and I decided to get him an XBox 360. I gave it to him early because school starts back up for him on Jan 5th and then he won't have as much time to play it.

I know what you're thinking, but #1 - I bought it used at Game Stop and #2 - I should know better, right?

Yes, I should, but I knew how excited he'd be to get a new system. He has had a used regular XBox for the past 4 years. So I made the sacrifice.

His favorite game is some WWII game where he gets to kill bad guys, so I'm currently working on lesson plans with the soothing sounds of death and destruction in teh background. (sigh) Plus, here's the way it goes when I say something.

C: Are you getting hungry?
B: cricket, cricket, death & destruction noises
C: I made some taco soup when you were hunting, so I think I'm going to have leftovers. I know you don't like taco soup. Want me to make you something else?
B: cricket, cricket, death & destruction noises
C thinks: Forget it, he'll eat when he's hungry.
B, a few minutes later: Did you say something to me?
C: Yes, I asked you if you were hungry.
B snorts: ...and you offered me taco soup?
C, annoyed: no, I said I'm having taco soup, would you like me to make something else for you, because I know you hate it.
B: cricket, cricket, death & destruction

C inwardly repeats: I love this man. I love this man. I love this man.

I shouldn't be complaining because yes, I know, I bought it for him, and I know he's into the game and on his break, and he really works hard so he deserves this right? But COME ON, is it so hard to answer a stinkin' question!

Who hears me on this one?


KC said...

OH GIRL I FEEEEEL YOU!!! I always jsut end up saying "I just LOVE having conversations with myself" and then he's like "what, were you talking to me"'s your sign!!! WARNING: next he'll want the LIVE update so he can play with other "relaxing" hubby's around the world.....such as my hubby, our manager @ the store AND my brother! I guess it's okay b/c while he's on the xbox I"m on my it works:)

txmommy said...

what is it with boys and electronic games??

nikko said...

You and me both. Guess whose idea it was to have Santa bring us a Wii? Mine. ;o)