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Thursday, January 29, 2009


As I am contemplating my blessings this evening- and there are many, maybe that's why I am still up at 11:56pm- I can't help but be especially grateful for my friends.

Thank you for letting me vent and not saying, "I told you so," or "You should..." Just letting me get it out.

Thank you for bringing something to my house when it was my turn to host scrapbook night because you know I am too exhausted to make much, even though I never bring anything to yours.

Thank you for continuing to invite me places even when most of the time I can't or won't go because I have too much going on or I'm too tired. I really enjoy the few times I CAN go.

Thank you for smiling in the back of the room as I give my talk in Enrichment and making me feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.

Thank you for letting me bring up stupid, weird things from my past that I don't know why I am still hung up on and not judging me.

Thank you for asking if you can watch my son so I can have a little me-time or not making me guilty for committing to a new hobby I really want to be a part of and then coming once and bailing out.

Thank you for calling me while you are out and asking if you can go ahead and pick something up you know I need to buy so I don't have to leave my house.

Thanks for just asking how I am doing, and letting me tell you honestly and for being encouraging and telling me how strong I am (which gives me strength) instead of thinking I am such a negative person.

Thank you for allowing me to check out books for my Pre-K under your name when the library will only allow me to check out 5 hardback books and all the picture boosk are hardback.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable being myself when I am around you and telling me I look so cute pregnant when I feel like a fat pig.

Just thank you for being there. You don't know how much each of these simple things have made my life a little easier. I hope I can be as good a friend to you as you are to me.


Kathy said...

We love u too!

Shana said...

You are a GREAT friend! I'm glad to know you and feel blessed for it as well.
I LOVE that picture of Jackson napping with the puppy. Precious!

nikko said...

What a great list. (I totally hate the 5 hardback book rule, too. I've tried to protest before, but they don't listen. Ugh!)