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Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 new sentences

This is what we are hearing a lot of lately from Jackson:




The first he picked up from us always asking him if he likes something (food, a new toy, etc) and always encouraging him to use his words and tell us he doesn't like something instead of screaming or whining. He uses it a lot when I am cleaning his face or wiping his nose.

The second he picked from the kids at the gym day care. When I take something away from him, he says, "No! I had it first!" (Sorry, buddy, Mama trumps the "I had it first" rule.)

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Shana said...

That is so neat how well Jackson speaks, and in sentances- that is down right amazing!
I am a little worried about Bella's speech. She doesn't say more than 6 words at this point. She blabbers a lot about stuff, and seems to know what she is talking about, but as for me, I don't have any idea.
Alyssa was speaking in full sentances by 21 months, which is how old Bella is now. It is hard not to compare them and kind of worry. I know they are VERY different, and Alyssa spent her first 3 years of life in a home daycare setting with kids her age. I think that has a lot to do with her speech developing at a more rapid pace. What do you think?
Do you think Jackson has developed faster being around those older kids at your daycare everyday?
I think I will be talking to Bella's pediatrician at her 2 year checkup about getting her some speech therapy. Am I over reacting? What kinds of things could I do with Bella at home to help her?
I thought you'd have some thoughts or ideas since you are a preschool teacher and all. :)