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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Losing Bigtime

The end of Butts vs Guts is in a little over a week and I am losing!!! (If you are tired of hearing about this, you'd better just skip this blog.)

BUT...I know I couldn't possibly have worked any harder, so I feel good about it. Plus, I realize now that I set some pretty unrealisitic goals for myself. I'll get there, but not in less than 3 months.

Total weight loss = 3 lbs (not impressive - Sam has gained 7 lbs since his birth so how come that didn't come off me!!?? ;)

I gave up on trying to run 3 miles in 25 minutes because running outside was hurting my knees and ankles and not helping me as much as the elliptical was, so I made a new goal for 5 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical and I do that regularly.

My top 2 abs are visible, but the others are still buried under extra baby skin and pudge.

I so won't be a size 8, but I am fitting into my 10s more and more lately, and I know my size large tops are too big now, too!

I'm happy. Not satisfied, but happy.


Kirsten said...

ok so 3lbs in less than 3 lbs isn't like a record... BUT remember during the first 8 weeks of that time your body was naturally recovering itself from having a c-section!! Your uteris had to reset, the ligaments & tendons & muscles they had to cut threw to get Sam out grew back.... and you helped them grow back more effective b/c you were working out! I'm AMAZED that you can see your top two abs after a c-section! THAT'S HUGE!! I'm proud of you for even getting into a 10, and you will FOR SURE be in an 8, if not a 6, by the time you go on your christmas vaca- and hey, at least you know that Ben will pick somewhere where he can see you in a bikini :) so it'll be a fun vaca no matter who picks it :) GOOD JOB!!!!

Kirsten said...

FYI it's supposed to say "3 lbs in less than 3 months" lol