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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rainbow (dedicated to Good Life)

About a week after I had Sam, somwhere in the beginning of June, we had this mild storm. After the storm, I headed out to return some books at the library and when I pulled out of my driveway, this is what I saw. I was struck with the clarity of the rainbow and don't know if this picture does it justice, but I was also impressed with how it framed my house perfectly.

It has stuck in my mind ever since.

I interpreted it as my personal rainbow. It means that the Lord is pleased with me, and I won't ever have to go through the same trials I have already been through again. After I posted my birthday post, I realized I should have included this picture. So here it is. Cool, huh?


Holly said...

Just think of all the people who do and did have to go through the same trial more than once. Emma Smith had to bury five of her children. The Lord never promised us we wouldnt have to endure the same trial twice, only that he would be there for us every time if we submit to his will and remain faithful. That being said I admire the person you've become having gone through what you have. I'm not sure I could say with confidence that I would have been able to do the same. BTW awesome picture!

Colleen said...

Well, I know some people do, but I believe I won't have to. It is just how I interpreted the rainbow in that moment. It is the spiritual feeling I got for me at that time.

Kirsten said...

You're like my mother-in-law; perfect examples of how to take aweful situations & things that have happened to you in your life... and turn then around to become blessed & truly happy!
"turning that frown upside down".... only on a LARGER scale :)

I have a good life said...

Thank-you, C! What a great message from a loving Heavenly Father to you and now through you to me. Thank-you so much. I can't tell you how much it means. And...I agree with you. There are trials that we don't have to pass through again. That was confirmed to you so beautifully in that moment. Thanks again.