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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Day!

Got up, nursed Sam, fed Jackson breakfast, got us all dressed, went to the gym, went to Wal-mart, raced home to get swimwear, sunscreen, towels and frozen breastmilk for Sam (forgot the breastmilk), took the boys to a birthday party (at the pool), came home, fed Jackson lunch, nursed Sam, put both boys down for a nap, re-painted the wall that my preschool girls "decorated" with crayons, helped Ben build us a loft in the playroom so we can have the reading center above the dramatic play center, nursed Sam again, cooked dinner, ate dinner, helped Ben some more, played with Jackson to keep him out of the playroom, put in Backyardigans for Jack when I had to nurse Sam again, bathed Jack, read 3 books, said prayers, put him to bed, put Sam in the swing because he was fussy and the swing always works, came to help Ben finish the loft. All this and my stomach has been sick all day! Go me!!

To Do List before kids = get all tasks done in one day
To Do List with one kid = takes 2-3 days to get all tasks done
To Do List with 2 kids = takes at least a week to get all tasks done, sometimes more

We aren't having more kids for a while! ;) But we sure love the ones we've got!

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I have a good life said...

Life is so busy. I remember the newborn days. It is crazy. Miss you.