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Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Crazy & Stinky Breath

Sorry I have been a little blog crazy (4 new posts in 2 days), but I have so much to say because I haven't blogged in a while.

This week at Bright Idea Learning Center we are learning about Fall. Today we were reading a story about Fall in group time and one of the pictures showed a little girl with vapor coming out of her mouth from the heat of her breath meeting the cold air outside. I asked the kids if they knew why the picture showed this, thinking they might have little experience with such cold since it doesn't get that cold very often here in Texas. One little girl answered, "I think she needs to brush her teeth!" I laughed so hard, and then explained the real reason why the lines were drawn coming out of her mouth, and why I thought that answer was so funny. The kids still didn't understand why I was laughing, and I had the hardest time finishing the book because I kept getting giggling fits every time I thought about it.

Now THAT is the perfect illustration of why I love working with kids! ;)

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nikko said...

Oh my. I'm laughing out loud. That is hilarious!