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Monday, September 29, 2008

Grrr..Beware, I'm Cranky!

If you'd like to see my dark side, read on. If you are not in the mood for blatant negativity and irritability, then skip this blog and check back with me tomorrow.

This morning I woke up with a very sore throat, some sinus pressure and a headache, plus I have been suspicious of a UTI lately. I tried to make a doctor's appt during our morning snack, but nope, the receptionist informed me that they were only seeing REALLY sick (what qualifies as really sick?) patients and were scheduling all others 4 weeks out! 4 weeks! Who schedules a doctor's appointment 4 WEEKS in advance, I ask you?

My next option was the CVS minute clinic, so when my last child was picked up, I thought I'd swing up there real quick and get this pesky illness taken care of. Nope again, they couldn't treat my UTI, so they referred me to a minor emergency center in Lake Worth. Okey dokey. I headed in that direction, went in, surveyed the waiting room, didn't look too bad, signed in, sat down and waited...for about 30 minutes, and then my name was called. The nurse took me back, weighed me (Incorrectly, I assure you! I weigh about 7 lbs less than what that dang thing told her I did.), checked my blood pressure, and all that fun stuff. Then she informed me that there weren't any waiting rooms currently available, and asked me if I wanted to go back to the waiting room or have them call me?

Huh? Excuse me? Call me?

You mean the weight is so long you are suggesting I leave the facility? (sigh) At this point it was 6:30, about 1 hr, 10 min on the timer, and I was eat-my-own-arm-off hungry. So I left the facility and went to get some dinner. (I would have had dinner before I left, but I thought I'd be gone for a max of 30 minutes!)

Trying to see some positive in the situation, I cheered myself by thinking I'd get to eat some yummy comfort food: Taco Bueno! One of my favorites! Needing to use the bathroom, I decided to go into the restaurant and take my order to go. For any of you who live or dine near the Lake Worth area, I do NOT, in fact, I highly recommend AGAINST, the Taco Bueno there! The restroom was health hazard filthy, the restaurant smelled moldy and damp, and to top it all off, as I waited for my food, the workers were swearing and having an inappropriate sexual conversation right in front of me as if I weren't even there. It took almost 10 minutes for me to get my food, when I went out to my car I realized I didn't have my cinnamon chips, and had to go back in for them, THEN my tacos were almost meatless and STALE! Truly, I am usually easy to please when it comes to eating out; I never send food back. My philosophy is that I'm just grateful I didn't have to cook it! But I madly punched the number for that little receipt survey and let that automatic system have it! Anybody want my free taco or bean burrito?

I finished my meal at about 7:00, and still hadn't gotten a call back from the clinic, so I decided to swing into Albertson's to pick up a few things I needed for arts and crafts this week at BILC. I got in line to pay (of course, when I can't leave immediately, my phone rings and bingo, NOW a room is ready for me) and a very sweet woman offered to let me go ahead of her since I only had 4 items. Then the whole line got backed up because of this silly woman who couldn't find her check card, all the while insisting she has it somewhere. Instead of paying another way or allowing the cashier to close her order and check out the next person (me), she makes us all wait about 5 minutes. Then she had the nerve to gripe out the poor cashier for not remembering to give her her stinkin' stickers for free dishes. GO FIND YOUR CHECK CARD AND BUY YOUR OWN DISHES LADY! (Sorry Kathy!)

I got back to the clinic and hallelujah! I get to go back to a room! That must mean I'll see the doctor shortly. Nope. I got back to the room at about 7:30, the doctor didn't make it to my room until about 8:15. ("He has 4 people ahead of you, so it'll be a while," the nurse sweetly informed me. Ya think?) Anyway, I just got home at about 9:00, and I left the house for one simple thing at 5:20 or so, so yep, I'm pretty cranky about this wasted evening, but at least I got to take the new Jeep!

Oh yeah, P.S. it turns out, I didn't have a UTI, only a sinus infection and the doctor prescribed Ammoxicillin which we already have at home! GRRRR!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh my goodness that was a bad bad day

Shana said...

OMG! Sorry your day sucked so bad!
That sounded like a really crappy long day. I have complete empathy for you because I've had a few of those days myself.
I am glad that you didn't have a UTI after all. Those are the worst!

I have a good life said...

That sounds like one of the most frustrating days in history! UGH! I've never eaten at Taco Bueno...but I never will...yuck! is true that LWME gets so backed up anytime after 4:30 since that is where everyone sends everyone!

The only time that we went to the minute clinic, they referred us to the LWME, do they ever just prescribe something? Or do they just refer out?

Hope today is much better! :)

nikko said...

I've had a good experience at the minute clinic -- but it was 10 a.m. on a Saturday, not on a weeknight.

Sorry your evening sucked so bad. Ugh. I hate days like that!