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Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Cars, New Kids and Not Much Done Today

Today we finally became the proud owners of a brand new car: an 09 deep blue Jeep Patriot. We have had our Dodge Neon for 4 years and Ben's 99 Grand Am since we first started dating, maybe 6 years... Traveling to Tulsa or just going grocery shopping has not been an easy task in our small cars since Jackson joined our family. Even though it will be Ben's car (since I got the last new one and since from 7:15-5:30, I pretty much can't leave the house), I am so excited because when I go grocery shopping or need to run errands, I will have space I need! YES!

Also, I have another little 3 year-old-girl starting on Monday. Then today I got a call from a woman I spoke with back in July who eventually decided NOT to enroll her 3 year-old boy, but was then referred to me by Lorraine Lee, and now has changed her mind. (Thank you so much Lorraine!!) So if both of these work out I will have a total of 9 kids including Jackson, but before you all go and start thinking I'm nuts...Two of them are half-day - one am, one pm - so I really will only have 8 kids incl. Jackson at a time.

Due to the new car adventure today and Jackson's 1 year pics this morning, I got nothing done around the house. Sigh, I hate not feeling ready for the week! It makes me feel like I have to do it all on Monday, and that just adds stress to my life that I don't need!


I have a good life said...

The car is worth it, though! Yay! :) You are such a great teacher and person and...if my LD were old enough and needed a place to go, you are the FIRST one I'd call! :)

I didn't get to see you much today, but you looked gorgeous by the way.

(No rhyme intended)

Kathy said...

Love the new car! Congrats! You deserve it. I am excited that your school is going so great. By the way thanks for helping with the wreath.

KC said...

Okay so where is the pic of the car!?!?! I can't wait until our lease is up and I can be the one braggin about a new car:) Jen just got the MDX and I love love love that car, in fact we're thinking of copyign them we love it so much! Do you have all these kids in your house or do you have a room they come to? Sounds to me like you are very blessed in your new adventure! I can't wait to see Jacks pics!