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Thursday, September 4, 2008

What are your daily roles?

Today I was a...
Husband's lunch-maker
Dish doer
Bathroom cleaner
Keeper of quiet kids (preventer of a grumpy husband)
Letter T & living and non-living things teacher
Fight intervener
Potty assistant
Diaper changer

Playground Supervisor
Boo-boo and "broken heart" comforter
Listener of silly stories
Children's book reader

Lunch and Snack Maker
Maker-Upper of Silly Lunch Games to Help Kids Eat a Full Lunch
Kitchen Cleaner
Laundry Doer
Lesson Planner
Dresser of a Toddler (which is a feat in and of itself, am I wrong?)
Post-Meal Cleaner of a Toddler (again, a feat in and of itself...)
Provider of Children's Entertainment

Communicator with Parents
Maker of Homemade Pizza for Dinner
Errand Runner
Reassurer of Love
Bather of a Toddler
Bedtime-Story Reader
Song Singer
Prayer Leader
Bedtime Putter-Downer
Supporter & Packing Assistant of husband's weekend hunting trip

Lazy TV watcher

Skittles Eater and Pepsi Drinker
Guilty 2 mile-runner

And after blogging, I will be a...

Ensign-Article Reader
Scripture reader
and finally, a freshly-showered Sleeper

Hmm...whose head do I see hiding behind the train table?

Just like his mama, who used to get in trouble for reading books with a flashlight under the covers way pst her bedtime...


txmommy said...

that picture of him hiding with his book is too cute for words!

He is a doll baby :)

Shana said...

You sure got your hands full!
You are a woman- hear you ROAR!!!

Hope to see you sometime soon!

Rachel said...

I love the picture of Jackson reading the book... That's priceless!

The Tall and Short of it said...

We have a lot of hats we have to wear! We are so lucky to have help with all of them!