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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Immunizations and I agree with "I Have a Good Life"...

Sigh...Jackson has had a high fever for days now. He isn't sleeping very well at night. Normally, I would be concerned, and I still am a little, but I know why he has the fever. He had SEVEN shots last Tuesday for his one-year immunizations(sidenote: What kind of cruel person gives a baby seven shots? What kind of cruel mother allows this and even holds her baby down so someone can inflict such pain on their child??), one of which was the nasty chicken pox immunization. The nurse told me that he could have a fever of up to 101 for up to 42 days! Is that healthy for a baby to have a fever for that long? Can I give him Tylenol for that long? Does anyone think I should take him to the doctor anyway? HOw do you mothers do this? I can't sleep at night because I know he doesn't feel well and it's all my fault.

I absolutely have to have his shots up-to-date though, even if I wanted to make the personal choice not to. The state requires all kids to have current shot records for a Licensed Child Care home. Plus, I started caring for a little girl with neuroblastoma and her immune system is very weak, so I wanted to make sure Jack was current before she started coming every day. This poor girl is so fragile as it is, I just want to do everything in my power to help her heal. She doesn't eat, she is hooked up to a central line and eats formula poured into a bag with tube running directly to her stomach. She wears a backpack and carries it around all day. The 7 rounds of chemo she had endured has created a food aversion, and when she eats, she feels nauseous. She has also sustained severe hearing loss and has to wear hearing aidS, and takes several medications several times a day that give her severe diarrhea all day long. Yet, you look at this girl and she is so sweet and happy and excited to play with the other kids. She is happy to come to school every day and learn. She takes it all in stride and goes about her day. She is so inspiring to me. To be 4 and to have gone through so much...ok, I have to end now or I will be crying. When I really think about her I always start to tear up. The sweetest thing is when the other kids pray for her before meals. I almost cry every time we pray. If he hears anyone's prayers, I know Heavenly Father has got to hear those! LIFE IS SO NOT FAIR!


Shana said...

UGH! Just hearing you tell about this little girl makes me cry.
It sure makes you feel so very blessed to have a healthy child. There are just so many kids with so much pain and sickness.
I agree, it isn't fair. Ironic though when you think about it. Before we came to this world, we all agreed on the terms to gain a body and come to earth and be tried and tested. I know we must have been told all of the hardships and heartache we were going to face before. So it is kind of ironic that now that we are here in the thick of it, we are like- "Ummm, sorry but this sucks and it just isn't fair."
But it still feels like it isn't fair right?

I look up to you for being able to take care of all those kids everyday and a small child that is very sick on top of that. WOW! You are good! I wish Alyssa could go there.

Robin said...

life seems unfair, but we must have know what was in store for us before we came and wanted to come strong some are is so amazing to me. Have a great day at pre school

Kathy said...

Colleen you are so nice to everyone else but so hard on yourself. Stop it! It is not your fault. You are just trying to be a good mom and make the decision you think is right. Also you have to remember that fever is the body's way of naturally fighting off any unwanted illness, so it is actually helping him. Is that confusing? I am sure his teeth coming in were/are more painful. Well good luck with preK you have such a big heart. As I have told you many times before (cause it is true) you do what I could never do.
Love ya

txmommy said...

I hate giving the kids shots too! It's so sad. When Dani had her first one I was a mess, she was crying, I was crying and leaking milk every where. But I know it's important and life saving. So we do it.

I hope he feels great soon. Poor guy.

What a sad story about your little girl, I am glad she is with you where she can get the love and attention she needs to get better. You are awesome!

I have a good life said...

The poor girl. It is amazing how resiliant children are. I wish I was as happy and cheerful as her! :) What a blessing to witness her dealing with her trial and you are the perfect child care provider for her! :) You do such a great job in all you do.