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Monday, September 15, 2008

I wish I had a pic to go with this story...

This afternoon I was working with 3 kids at the table and Jackson was on the floor playing with some toys, and I got up from my round table to get a glue stick and turned my back for MAYBE 5 seconds. When I sat down, one of the girls said, "Ms. Colleen, look at Jackson!"

I looked over and the little stinker had stolen my Dr. Pepper! He was over in the corner hiding from me, trying to down it as fast as he could! He maybe got 2 sips in his mouth, the rest was all down his shirt and in a puddle at his feet on the carpet! When I starting walking toward him, he tried to run from me!!

It was so funny, I couldn't be mad! I guess that will teach me to have a Dr. Pepper right at the table within his reach, huh?

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