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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

27 weeks

Today was an eventful day at the doctor's office. I had to drink the too-sugary "Sunkist" drink and then give blood for the gestational diabetes test. I had to have another check-up ultrasound to make sure the fluid in the baby's kidneys hadn't gotten worse. Then I had to meet with my Dr. for the 4 week check-up. I won't know about the bloodwork for a couple of days, but I'm sure it will come back fine. The baby's kidneys look great, no more problems there. (I am actually a little disappointed because I like getting to watch him grow! All I ever see is how much he makes ME grow!) His profile reminds me of Jackson. I predict they will look a lot alike. (Duh)

According to Dr. V, I had only gained 2 lbs (What? That's it? Don't get me wrong. I'm glad about that, but you have got to be kidding me - I have SO gained much more weight than that.)

The best thing about today was that I had scheduled a morning appt. I usually schedule an afternoon appt so Mrs. Olivia will have an easy job just sitting with them while they sleep. But I know she gets bored and would like more time actually getting to work with the kids and learning our schedule. (She will most likely cover for me when I am out those last 2 weeks on maternity leave - or upstairs rather.) So she subbed for me from 8:30-12:30 and by the time I got back the kids - including Jackson - were finished with lunch and ready to get on their beds and settle down for naptime, so now I have until 3:00 to myself to get some things done! Awesome!! The only thing better would be if it were Thursday or Friday. (just because by the end of the week, I'm beat!) Poor Mrs. Olivia though, she had my whole entire group including Jackson who is teething and cranky. When I asked her how it went with the whole group, she said, "They were good, but I don't know how you do it?!" I'm taking that as a compliment. That makes me feel validated because some days, I don't either, haha.

Here's something scary...on my next 4 week visit, I have to go register at the hospital (across the street) afterward. Already? Didn't I just find out I was pregnant? Sheesh, here we go...we are really doing this huh? What were we thinking!? (part kidding, part serious)


I have a good life said...

So glad Baby Blake is okay with the kidneys. How wonderful to rest! :) Go Mrs. Olivia! :) She is great. It does go by so fast...can't believe you are registering at the hospital already! WOW!

BTW: Those drinks really are nasty!

nikko said...

I always thought that everyone's pregnancies always went way faster than my own. ;o)

Glad to hear that everything is okay. What a relief that must be.

You are amazing to keep up with all that you do. I would be a basketcase. Kudos!

Kathy said...

Time is flying by! Glad you got a break!