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Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 year anniversary!

Just wanted to say publicly that I love my husband so much! There are so many admirable qualities that he has, so I thought I'd list five of my fave's (in no particular order) in honor of our 5 years together!

1. Ben is multi-talented! Not only is he extremely smart and hard-working, but he also is able to do lots of handy things around the house! He built the play structure in our backyard for the kids and he put up extra shelving in all our closets for more storage space. He built a cabin in East Texas that he uses as a hunting cabin, and he brings meat home almost every time he goes. Over Spring Break, he is going to build a deck for us in the backyard, and install some new ceiling fans in the house. He is such a handy guy! Growing up with a father who was not quite as handy (when our bike chains broke, we got new bikes...), I have come to really appreciate that! Plus, he knows osteopathic manipulation and he is awesome at it! Lately, I have been having a lot of back pain. When Ben can adjust me, I feel so much better!
2. Ben has the priesthood and uses it to bless our family. When Jackson was about to have surgery on his hydrocele at 6 months, I was obviously very stressed. Our little baby was going to be under anesthesia and we weren't allowed to be with him until he woke up. Seeing him with an IV tube poked into him and his little listless body on that gurney about broke my heart, but I was comforted by the blessing Ben gave him before he went in. Again, this is something I did not grow up with, and so I really can see how much it makes a difference in our family. We are blessed to have him as our spiritual leader!
3. Ben is extremely good with money. When we got together, I had an enormaous amount of debt that carried over from my divorce. Ben helped me get squared away financially, and still helps me get control of myself when I'm not paying attention to finances. Because of HIS good money skills, we have not one cent in cc debt and are able to save for all sorts of fun trips and things for our house! It feels so freeing to not have to live paycheck to paycheck. What a blessing it is that he is good with money because I don't have the patience for the details. ;)
4. I have complete trust in Ben. I know he is honest with me always, and I never need to question where he has been or what he has been doing. After past experiences, it is a lot for me to be able to say that about my husband, but I would (and do) put my life and happiness in his hands.
5. Ben is so much fun to be around. Okay, I know he gets carried away sometimes and says things around people that sometimes make me wince, lol, but for the most part he is top-level fun to be with. Even when we are just at home in our PJ's, he makes me laugh at his goofiness on a regular basis. Some guys are fun because they are spontaneous and crazy, and Ben can be those things, too, but the best thing about Ben is that when we go do fun things, we never have to pay for them later. We plan to take big fun trips and we have paid for them first. So there is never that guilt afterward of "Should we really have done that?"

Oh shoot, I have to include this one, too. We'll call this one to grow on...

6. Ben is such an awesome dad. From the minute Jackson was born, he wouldn't leave his side. He even went with him to the nursery to watch the nurses give Jack his shots! You'd think as a med student, that he wouldn't have much time for Jackson, but Jack and Ben have a little game they like to play. Ben gets home, finds Jackson, and watches him from a hiding spot until Jackson notices him. Then Jack gets so excited to see Ben, that he runs into his arms and they play this hiding, growling, wrestling game that always makes me laugh. Jackson idolizes Ben, and Ben can't wait until Jack is older and they can be hunting buddies, play sports together (oh man, that's another one, Ben is active, healthy and good at almost every sport, which I love, too.), and go camping together. In fact, the number one reason why Ben wants to be a doctor is so he can afford to provide for and do many fun activities like those previously mentioned with his kids. All his hard work is for his family's future!

Ben isn't just the fun-loving dad though. He also helps with things like doctor's appts, diaper changing, bath time and mealtimes! I love that Ben is such a hands-on dad!

I know there are major qualities that I love about Ben that I have neglected, but I could be here all day, so I'll just list these 6. I am so grateful that Ben is my husband and that we are sealed for eternity and that our children can be born in the covenant! We have already made so many wonderful memories together and I look forward to an eternity more! I love you Ben! Happy Anniversary!


txmommy said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you have such an awesome guy and that he has're pretty awesome too :)

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

Happy anniversary. He sounds great.

I have a good life said...

Happy Anniversary!