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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jackson's breakfast request

This morning when I brought Jack downstairs to eat breakfast, we walked into the kitchen and instead of his usual, "Want juice please," he said, "Want chee-tos, mama." hahaha, I laughed out loud. That was the funniest thing for him to request first thing in the morning.

I call those baby veggie puffs Chee-tos, and that is what he usually gets if I give him chips, but he has had the real thing before, too. Yesterday he saw a bag on the table that a preschooler had for lunch, and he threw a fit wanting some, but he wouldn't finish the lunch he had in front of him, and made a huge mess of it in protest, so I cleaned him up and put him down for nap with not much in his tummy. Guess he remembered that bag on the table and wanted some for breakfast this morning. (He didn't get any for breakfast either, but maybe I'll oblige with lunch -just a few! I'm not a totally mean mommy, you know!)

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Kirsten said...

that's cute:) they certainly aren't forgetful are they.....hey where is the "dr Sues" post I saw on my followers list, but now can't find on your blog!?!