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Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeling Yucky!

I just don't remember all these little aches and pains when I was pregnant with Jackson. At least, not this early. I am only 28 weeks and I am not even as as big as I was with Jackson, but I am so much more uncomfortable and at an earlier stage! I even have aches and pains I didn't have with Jackson at all!

I can't go to sleep at night because my legs twitch. I have to get up and stretch or take a hot bath! Then I finally fall asleep and then I wake up multiple times to either go pee or because I have a blinding cramp in my leg or foot!! I have to get out of bed either way, which wakes me up from my deep sleep and starts the whole cycle again!

My back aches a lot and Ben has to adjust me almost nightly. I can't sit straight up because I don't get enough back support, but I can't lie on my back or side because I am uncomfortable or it hurts my back on the side that Ben keeps adjusting.

I feel like the layer of muscle/skin around the baby is much thinner this time because I strongly feel every little kick or movement - which also contributes to the no sleep issue.

I get almost menstrual like cramps all the time and Braxton Hicks contractions all the time and when the baby kicks my bladder, I seriously almost pee myself!

My food just seems to sit in my stomach and not digest, which makes me feel nauseous and get heartburn.

Plus, I am so emotional!! I cry all the time, and I NEVER cry!! Movies make me cry, commercials make me cry, getting frustrated makes me cry. The other day a lady from my ward called my house to ask me a question and I couldn't even finish my sentence to answer her because I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe!! What is up with that!!??

So my question this just how it is when you have multiple children - symptoms get worse, or am I just being a baby or what?? Does it get worse with EVERY child you have? Maybe I did feel these things with Jack but didn't notice because I was so deliriously happy to be pregnant with him after having the miscarriage. Maybe things are worse for me now because I am working so hard and so exhausted all the time.

I am so not this person who just complains about things all the time. I am a multi-tasker, a get-it-doner, a work till you dropper, and a fight through the painer!! Suck it up, Colleen!! Get a grip! You chose this, you want this, and you can do this!!

Hey, on a bright note - all my 3 year olds are returning next fall! I have received all their 2009-2010 contracts! So out of the 12 spots I can fill in my preschool, I will fill 3 with my own children (0-18 mos count as 2 spots), 3 full-time spots with returning 3-year-olds and 1 half time spot with a returning 3-year-old, and I have 2 serious prospects who just haven't returned paperwork yet and I haven't even started advertising for next year yet! Go me!

Plus, all the kids and the prospects will be 4 by Fall, (except S.B., but she is so advanced. Oh, and of course, my own 2 boys...) so I face the possibility that all the group will be 4! This would be so much easier than having a split group of different ages! It will suck for advertising for 2010-1011 since they'll all be graduating to Kindergarten (except S.B.), but hey, I'll worry about that then!


Holly said...

thats called second pregnancy my dear! It'll be over in a few short weeks...hang in there!

Kirsten said...

ok so we both know I haven't experienced my second pregnancy yet, but I think you answered your own question by how much busier you are this time around! And not just with your school, but b/c you have Jack now too. Before is was just you and Ben and all everything was just GLORIOUS b/c you were finally having a baby! So yes:), even though I can't relate, I can definately tell you that it's due to the lifestyle you have this time around!

Kirsten said...

forgot one more time will be different also depending on what age this baby & Jack are. If Jack were 4 or 5 you'd be experiencing completely different symptoms than this one! :)hey, how about a cute prego-pic eh!?!

Shana said...

If it makes you feel any better. I had terrible cramping and muscle aches while I was pregnant with Bella. I was really worried about it at first, because it was so different from Alyssa.
But, then my OBGYN calmed me down and said it was completely normal with the 2 or + pregnancy because you are now keeping up with a toddler and that is harder on you physically than you realize.
For you- you not only have a toddler, but a bunch of other kiddos to keep up with every day. That is hard on a pregnant body.
Listen to your body and try to be a little easier on it this next week. Maybe you'll feel a little better.?
Also, with Bella, I had really bad leg cramps that woke me up from a dead sleep. Eating a TON of bananas and drinking lots of water really helped with those. :)
I hope you have a great Spring Break!