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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break!

Sorry this is belated, but I have been working my fanny off (I wish) over Spring Break and so I haven't had a chance to post anything about what we have been doing, so here goes...

1. We took a family trip to San Antonio, just the 3 of us. Jackson was SO good in the car ride and he LOVED Sea World! I was a little nervous that he wouldn't be quite old enough to appreciate it, but he clapped excitedly at the acrobat divers and the dolphins and Shamu. He loved every minute of it!

Then he got to feed the sea lions, which was hilarious because he thought they were dogs because of the barking sound. He pressed his little hands up to the window to watch them gobble up fish that people were dropping, and called to them to come to him, "DAAAAW-GEEEE! u'mere, DAWWW-GEEE!"

He laughed and laughed when he was the one who got to drop the fish down to them, especially when they fought over his fish. Then we went in the bird cage, which is similar to the Fort Worth Zoo bird exhibit, but these tropical birds eat nectar out of a cup and they will come right up and sit on your hand and even let you pet them. He was a little apprehensive about touching them, but after the first time, he didn't want to leave.
We got to Sea World at about 10:30 and left at 4:00, and Jackson didn't have a nap until we got in the car. Normally this would have meant meltdown city, but there was so much to see around him, he was happy the whole time!

We also went to the River Walk, which I thought was so beautiful, I didn't want to stop, but Ben got annoyed with all the people (it was St Patrick's Day) and we didn't do the whole riverwalk. I held up with all the walking surprisingly well for being 28 weeks pregnant. It is nice to plan a vacation where I can get some exercise, too!

The last day we went to the Alamo. I liked that, too, but I didn't really get to read much of the history because Jackson was getting a little bored and wanting out of the stroller, so I mostly just enjoyed the scenery, but it was nice to have gone and experienced it and now I have a mental picture of what the Alamo is. I'm officially a Texan now! ;)
All in all, it was a great trip with beautiful weather, and we decided there is so much to do and see that we will make it a regular trip with our kids, but maybe not next year since we'll have a not-quite 1-yr-old this time next year.

Not-so-funny story: We got into our hotel at about 4:00, rested from the long drive for about an hour and half, and then decided to go to Benihana's for dinner. Jackson and Daddy wrestling after a long car drive

We got there and they said it would be about a 35 min wait, so we waited in the car since Jack had fallen back asleep on the way to dinner. We woke him up when it was almost time and went inside. At this point we were all starving, but no worries, right? It was almost time to eat. Nope, don't think so. We waited inside for another 45 minutes before our pager went off, then finally we were seated, our waitress came to the table to get our drink order and we waited another 15 minutes trying to keep our hungry bellies and our starving 18-month-old pacified before giving up and leaving to go to IHOP. I was afraid Jackson was making everyone else miserable, he was VERY cranky and Benihana's is expensive and you pay partly for the experience. I didn't want to make everyone else suffer because of my cranky kid. I have never been so angry at a restaurant before! You do not mess with a hungry pregnant woman, especially one who has to deal with her hungry, cranky kid to boot!! By the time we had waited for food at Benihana's, left to find an alternate restaurant, were seated and served at IHOP and went to Wal-mart for a few things we had forgotten to pack, we didn't get back to our hotel and get Jack to bed until after 10:00!!

P.S. Waiting seems to be the theme of San Antonio! Everywhere we went we had to wait a long time for service - at Wal-mart, Sea World (of course), IHOP (but not nearly as long as Benihana's), the food court on the Riverwalk, even the gas stations! I guess Spring Break is just a busy time for the city!

When we got home from our vacation, we started our Spring Break home projects. Ben built us a deck for our backyard, he installed a ceiling fan in the living room, I painted our bedroom and we finished the nursery (minus the crib, of course, since Jackson is still in it.) I need another week to get all my To Do's done, but I am happy with what we did get done! It was a very productive and yet relaxing Spring Break!

My boys and their tools
The almost finished project

I was frustrated that my camera didn't always cooperate with me. I kept changing the batteries, but it kept telling me my batteries were dying after just a few pics, so sorry I don't have many to post.


I have a good life said...

What a great Spring Break! Looks like so much fun and GREAT memories. That is the best part.

Kathy said...

Wow Sounds fun & busy!