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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend I created a facebook account. I'm very excited about it because I have already found so many friends I have lost contact with. I had a myspace, but I never checked it and it didn't seem like anybody used myspace. I think I am going to like facebook a lot better. It seems geared toward a more mature crowd.

Tonight I took dinner to a sister that I Visit Teach who just had a baby. I made meatloaf meatballs with rice, green beans and Sister Schubert's rolls. (If you haven't heard of Sister Schubert's rolls, you need to check them out. They are the next best thing to homemade bread. I buy them in the frozen foods section at Wal-mart.) Do you think it is rude that I didn't go in or hold the baby? I just remember that I was so uncomfortable during those first few days that I didn't feel much like entertaining company, even for a few minutes. Plus, it is cold and flu season and some of the kids in my group have been sick. Ben and Jackson have both had colds in the last week, and I'd just hate to bring those germs into her house with a new baby. I'll love on the baby when she gets a little older and mom feels better!

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I think it was just pregnancy hormones, which don't normally affect me so much, but I cried all day off and on for little to no reason. Every now and then I get overwhelmed and I have to remind myself that I chose all these responsibilities (Preschool, Jackson, and baby #2) and we received confirmation from the Lord on the timing of each one. I know the Lord would not give me more than I can handle, so it must be within my capabilities to handle it. I guess I just need to buck up and get through it. It is certainly not going to get any easier. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy my day-to-day life. It is funny how a person can feel so blessed and so stressed all at once.

Next weekend Ben and the other hunters in my family are going to East Texas to our family's cabin to do some more work to it. They will be adding a bathroom and hunting pigs. He is very excited about it because his dad is coming down from Oklahoma to go with him. They had so much fun on the dove hunt last September that his dad went out and bought a gun and a bunch of new hunting supplies. So now this is their new father-son bonding thing. Ben can't wait until Jackson gets old enough to be his hunting buddy. I can though...

What I am excited about is that while the boys are away, the girls are going to play!! My Aunt Sara, my mom, my cousin's serious gf, and my Grandmother are coming over for the weekend to work on the nursery. It is so fun to have a girls only weekend (well, plus Jackson), and even more fun because we'll get to be creative together, get the nursery done, hang out in our PJs all weekend and watch Lifetime!! We did this when we were working on Jackson's nursery only we had a lot more sewing to do then. It was also my mom's birthday that weekend so we celebrated together! Pics of the new completed nursery to follow soon! Now if Ben and I could just agree on a name...What do you think about Griffin?


Shana said...

I'm so excited for you to have your girl time and get your nursery finished.
I know that I didn't really feel in control of things until I had my nursery and everything like that ready for the baby. Call me OCD I guess.
I really love the name Griffin. I have a nephew named Griffin, and personally, he is just too cute for words! :) He is the only person I know who has that name, so it isn't overly used I don't think. But, it is still very cute for a little boy or a strong man.

Kathy said...

Glad you got a FB. Sounds like a fun weekend with the GIRLS!