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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Notes

Sorry for those of you who don't follow the show, but I am a huge fan - like I seriously get giddy when I know it is coming on or I have a show DVR'd that I haven't watched yet. And don't even think about calling me when AI is on - I'll get nasty with you! ;)

Anyway, I fell asleep early last night and so I didn't watch Michael Jackson night, but I just watched it tonight and I some things to say about it. I seemed strange that they would do a Michaal Jackson night on AI because the judges are always telling contestants to stay away from Michael and Whitney and Mariah and others who no one can compare with. But, WOW! Everyone did such a great job. Up to this point, there were only a few who stood out to me, but everyone was incredible tonight (last night), except maybe 2 or 3.

My not-so-favs:
I don't get the hype about the visually impaired guy. His voice doesn't impress me! Jorge was a front runner in my mind, but I actually didn't enjoy his song tonight. In fact, he was one of my last favorites! And what was up with Megan's Rockin' Robin song?! It was so weird!! I want to like her because she is so cute and her voice is so unique, but her little dance that she does is too eccentric for my taste. Plus, Rockin' Robin is kind of a kiddy/Disneyish song to me, and she made it even more so. It was just strange.

My favs:
Don't you think Danny Gokey looks like Robert Downey Jr? He seems so humble, too. I really like him. I also really like Adam Lambert, and don't you think he channels Elvis in a punk rock kind of way. He makes faces that remind me of the King at times. Plus, I totally agree with the judges. Although everyone was good tonight, he was just SO in another league!! Allison, the 16 year old has such a Pink-ish voice. I like the hard quality of her voice and she can really sing!

Well, those are my thoughts. Stay tuned if you are a fan. I'm sure I'll have more!

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