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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Are you ready for some football?!! Jackson loves to watch football with his daddy, probably because it is an interactive experience. They tackle each other and do plays right in the living room.

Why is he wearing a Mr. Potato Head Santa beard, you might wonder? We wondered that for a while, too, until one day he was frantically looking for his "facemask" and couldn't find it. My goofy kid! Now he won't ever watch football with daddy without his football and his "facemask".

Jackson loves to swing on the big swings. He has been able to hold on and swing by himself (when I push him) since he was about 20 months, right before Sam was born. (Sorry about the dog butt shot, lol)

This is Jackson feeding the birds on our last zoo trip.

Stuffing his face with his favorite, Cheetos, on our zoo trip picnic with his cousin Addy.

And, strangely, my son has an obsession with shoes. These are K's "high heeled" (as she calls them) sandals. He put htem on all by himself and strutted proudly around in them before we even noticed how unusually shapely his calves looked.

See the next post for pics of Sam...

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