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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is Jack's first Halloween costume. I put it on Sam to see if it would fit or if we needed to get a new costume. Jackson was 2 months when he wore this dragon costume, Sam is 4.5 mos. I got him in it, but it wouldn't zip up and Sam's feet were hanging out the bottom by a good 4 inches.
Pre-teething drool...This was such a funny face, but it came out blurry. This is how we will tell their baby pics apart. Sam always has his hand in his mouth, while Jackson was a pacifier baby until 6 mos when he decided he wanted nothing more to do with it. Sam rarely will take a pacifier. He prefers his hand. I think he'll be a thumb sucker, but he comes by it honestly. I still can't keep my hands out of my mouth. I am a nail biter.
Sam loves the Exersaucer. He babbles at the toys and reaches out for them. He likes to be facing the kids tho. He wants to be able to play AND see the action around him.

In the last 3 weeks or so, he has started to roll over from back to front and front to back. He now chooses to sleep on his tummy. I'm loving it because he sleeps deeper than way, and that means less interrupted sleep for ME! I thought this was a cute picture of him looking at the mirror on this toy.

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Kirsten said...

it looks like you are just having TOO much fun these days :) haha!
I LOVE the story about the costume - I was JUST (literally like I just walked in the door from doing this) going through all our costumes, and I cam across B's first costume.... he was a hot dog :) he was 3.5 months and he was SO small in it everywhere but the head (his head is STILL the biggest part of his body, haha) so fun! The cheetos pic of Jack made me want cheetos...yummy!