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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ready for Fall

This weekend's weather made me finally realize it is Fall.

I put my Fall wreath on the front door.

I changed my blog background from a summery one to a Fall one.

I made pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies.

I pulled warm weather and too small (or too big in my case...YIPPEE!) clothes out of our closets and then bought some Fall clothes for the boys and for me.

Then today I made chicken and dumplings (a family fav - recipe below) to welcome Ben home from a 30 hour shift and warm us up while we watch the Cowboys game.

I'm ready!! Bring on the FALL!!

Easy Chicken and Dumplings

whole fryer chicken (without neck and giblets)
4-5 medium potatoes - peeled and chopped into medium chunks
Cheap Refrigerated Biscuits
Garlic Salt

In a pot filled with enough water to cover the chicken, boil on medium-high heat a whole fryer chicken (without neck and giblets) for about an hour to an hour and 1/2. Pull the chicken out to cool.

Dump 4 cups of chopped potato in boiling chicken broth. Boil the potatoes until softened (but not mushy) about 15-20 min. While potatoes are boiling, debone chicken and cut into chunks or shred. Salt and pepper the chicken pieces and add to the pot with softened potatoes and broth. Spread out biscuits on a cutting board and roll them out. Run a knife over flattened biscuits to slice into chunks for dumplings. Add dumplings one-by-one to boiling broth mix.

In a glass jar with a lid, add 1/3 c of milk, 1/3 c of flour, salt and pepper. Close lid and shake vigorously. Add to broth mix to thicken.

Note: You should add the chicken, biscuits and flour mixture in quick succession or the potatoes get too soft.

Should serve about 6-8 people.


I have a good life said...

I love, love, love Fall! I love the new background and how exciting about the too big clothes! :) Great accomplishment! I need a fall wreath!

Kirsten said...

I too LOVE the fall, it's my favorite season!! Will you email me that recipe!?! For some reason I can't "copy & paste" it off your blog. If you have to type it up all over again then don't worry about it, I'll just write it down when I get the chance :)