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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letter to the Editor

I'm thinking of writing an angry letter to the Editor of the Saginaw newspaper. I'm very frustrated with the services our local library offers and with the grumpy service they provide. I am a good teacher, using the library services for the benefit of the community, promoting literacy even. Here is a list of my grievances. Am I being unreasonable?

-Though I live a stone's throw (literally) from the city of Saginaw limits (in Fort Worth) and within about 3 miles of the library, I have to pay a yearly non-residents' fee to use the city of Saginaw library. The closest Ft Worth library to me is over 10 miles and through heavy traffic.
-You can only borrow DVDs for a day and the late fines are ridiculous!
-You can only check out 5 hardback books, but all the children's books are hardback, so if you are a teacher, tough luck, you only get 5.
-They are closed on Mondays!!
-The summer reading program for kids was weak.
-They do not have a computer system in place that allows for requesting books to be held, I have to call every time.
-When they say their hours are until 6:00, that really means 5:50. I showed up tonight at 5:53 to pick up books that were already at the counter on hold for me, and the doors were locked. A worker looked right at me and ignored me. There I was at the door with my 2 kids under the age of 2, needing those books for my lesson tomorrow, and nope, can't get in.
-They say they will pull books and hold them for you if you request it, but when you do request it, they think of every reason in the book not to be able to do it. "We're too busy today." "We're shorthanded." I understand telling me that every once in a while, but I have gotten this response at least 7 times. Fine, just fine, I'll let my 2 year old run rampant in the library since I am usually a single mom and have him (and Sam) with me - which is why I can't go find my own books -then the crotchety old library ladies can reshelve all the books he pulls off the shelf!!

I know there are more reasons I am angry, but I can't think of any right now and I need to go do laundry. Should I write the letter?


Natalie said...

Hi. I have enjoyed following you along on your blog. Your boys are sooooo cute.
I think you should write that letter. I actually had many of those same thoughts when we were living there except I didn't actually have a school in my home. However I did teach at the H.S. It was quite frustrating. Your concerns are very valid.
Good luck

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I too think you should write and let your concerns be known --But the only Saginaw paper I know closed a couple of months ago maybe there is another? Since they are a government/city? run? entity I think they told me there is some rule about being closed a week day since they are open on Sat (my fave FW one is closed on Friday!!) And I think DVD's are three days in name ( I know FW's five days is more ideal)but in Sag if you get them on Thursday you may actually not return them till Tuesday morning before they open w/o penalty.I suggest if you do write to the FWSTelegram you keep your personal experience and come up w/ some solutions:)like requests by 5 one day will be filled by 5 the next and teachers could have special cards or rules to help w/ curriculum (but do know all family members may have cards and you can use each one for the 5 book limit. In the mean time, I would be happy to meet you at the Library at a moments notice because I have been where you are -w/ 4 under 5 and having Joy School in my home (though it was not daily)

Jay said...

I must agree with you on many of your disputes with the library! We now just do the FW libraries and get all the books we want. Plus you can order books from the inner library loan service and NOT get charged. The check out time is longer too. I'll be so glad when/if the new library that is closer gets finished!!

nikko said...

I live outside the Saginaw and Fort Worth city limits, so I'd have to pay to use either. The $15 that Saginaw charges is a lot cheaper than I would pay at FW, so that's why I go there. (Although I may change my mind when the new one is built.)

I haven't ever had a really bad experience, but I do have some of the same complaints that you do. I think it's ridiculous that you can only check out 5 hardbacks and DVDs and magazines are only for 2 days. I have asked them why, and they say it's from when they used to have such a small collection. Well, hello, your collection is a lot larger now! I like to go once a week, and it bugs that I have to make an extra trip to return movies or magazines. Luckily it's right next to the church, so that helps. :o)

Write away!

txmommy said...

yes, write it.

I have a good life said...

Ugh! Sorry about the experiences. I do have to say that I am a FW resident, but that I get to use Saginaw for free with a Texshare card. Next time you go to a FW library, ask for one and they will give you one and you can take it to Saginaw and it is all free.

Can't wait for the new FW one to open. I used to do the FW drive and don't anymore, but the new one will be so close! sorry and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating about the response. It is all in the way things are handled. To be dismissed that way is unforgiveable.