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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making Progress...

Yesterday I got into my favorite pair of jeans!!! (insert happy dance here) Two weeks ago I couldn't pull them up, and I still wouldn't wear them now without a really long sweater that covers my toosh, but the fact is...I got into them and buttoned them and they were wearable (cough...if I were a streetwalker, mumble, mumble).

I am doing good with working out, even tho now I can only work out after a long day and I am usually exhausted. I still somehow manage to get myself up to the gym and get in a workout about 3x a week. After all, it is usually the only me time I get all week long now that Ben is working at the hospital so much. I still have a few pounds to go to get back into the 140's, but I have given myself an ultimatum. Either get there before the end of October or drastic measures will have to be taken. I cannot afford to go buy new jeans and I can only fit decently into one or two pairs right now, so it is time to just get it done. Just Do It!! (to borrow a phrase from Nike and Pres Hinckley).

Another issue is this belly fat. It doesn't seem like it hung in there this long last time. Hmmm...Last time I did a lot more Pilates and I did 200 crunches a night with my ab roller while watching TV after I put Jack to bed, but now we have our bedroom TV in the loft instead and it is right outside Jack's bedroom. I'm afraid that would be too loud. Plus, it seems that with two kids, by the time I get them both down for the night, I am pooped myself and not really motivated to get on the ab roller. I'll have to figure out a new plan that works for me.

Anyway, little by little, I am making progress!

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