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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Jackson, age 26 mos, on his "BI-sikko"

This blog is for the sole purpose of documenting this funny story since I am so bad about keeping up with baby booking or scrapbooking.

Last night we were watching Monsters vs. Aliens in the living room as a family. Jackson was cuddled up with me on the couch. ("I wanna lay down too-oo!") Suddenly, he turned to me and animatedly said, "Mama, I wanna show you sumtin! C'mere Mama, I wanna SHOOOW you sumtin!" With that he got up and ran into the playroom, looking behind him to make sure I was following. It was so cute that I had to get up and follow him and see what he was so excited to show me all of a sudden.

He ran all the way through the living room, into the playroom and to the other side of the playroom near the train table. I followed him, and as soon as I got to the train table, I said, "Okay, buddy, what do you want to show me?" He stood there for a second, giggled, and took off running past me, clambered up on the couch and laid down in my comfy spot!! Laughing heartily, he said, "MY BLANKY!" and covered himself in my blanket.

AAAHH! Outsmarted by my own 2-year old, hahahaha! Lil stinker stole my spot!! He had to have planned the whole thing out! There we were sitting on the couch and he must have thought, hmmm, this spot is nice and warm, but I sure would have more room to stretch out if I can get my Mama off the couch! How can I accomplish that? hahahahaha

**WARNING** The following section is a bragging zone! Blatant bragging will follow. :)

Here are a few things Jackson can do now:

1. Q: What is your name? A: My namis Jasson. Q: Jackson Garit Blake? A: No, my namis JASSON!

2. Q: How old are you, Jackson? A: I'm ("I") 2.

3. Q: Can you spell your name? A: J-A-C-K-S-O-N (sing-song)

4. Q: Whats your phone number? A: 817-238-**** (not gonna put my phone number on here, but it is cute because he says the sevens like "sebben".

5. The other day, I was in "trouble," and he told me to go to time out and started counting. When I count, I usually give him till 5 and then he gets a spanking, but Jackson kept counting unitl he hit 36. haha, I guess he is a more lenient disciplinarian than I am.

6. Tonight he brought all the kids center stars to the living room table. He was counting them (there were 5) and he picked one up, looked at it for a minute, and said, "Iss S's star (he actually said her name, but I don't want to name her here). That peaked my curiosity so I asked to find V's star. He looked at all the stars, picked the correct star, and said, "Right dare, iss V's star." We repeated this until he correctly recognized all the kids' stars!

7. He is able to do a lot of the work with letters that my preschoolers do, including cutting and pasting, although I only let him use scissors when I am right there to help him. (I don't let any of the kids use scissors unless I am at the table, too.)

8. I catch him "reading" all the time. One of his favs is "It Looked Like Spilt Milk." I'll catch him "reading" it to himself (recalling, really). "Sometimes it looked like an angel. But it wasn't an angel."

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Kirsten said...

WOW! once again, my ever so smart child is put to shame; and once again I am totally jealous, lol!